Thursday, 2 August 2012

They're sexy and they know it!

Hello darlings,

Quick post here that will consist mainly of pictures. Being on this fitness vow/regime isn't easy and there are times when external motivation and inspiration is needed to keep going and it seems God sent instagram my way for this very reason. I've now been able to perv look at pictures from women from all over the world who are on their fitness game and going hard at it.

I dare anyone to look at these pictures below and not want to work out till you pass out!


This lady here is a personal trainer from LA, i stumbled across her tumblr and since then i've been obsessed! Not only does she post encouraging fitness related messages, she gives workout routines that can be done at home but she also seems to have the best work out gear i've seen on anyone! Search her out- you wont regret it.

Rosa Acosta

Everything about this lady is just so 'tight'! Like wow she has an amazingly toned body, i can't help but push myself after browsing her pictures.


Sheneka Adams


I'm currently attempting to master the art of looking this cute pre/post work out!

Amazing transformations:


Somoya Reece


Somoya Reece from Love and Hip Hop has transformed her body and is looking rather amazing, definitely a source of encouragement that with hardwork and discipline you can change your body shape to where you want it to be! She's slimmer but still curvy and loving it, she shares lots of great tips on her youtube page- check it out.


Michelle Heaton


I stumbled across this picture of Michelle Heaton the Liberty X singer and I think for someone who has given birth, she looks fab. She accredits it to a tough work out regime and dieting and considering the fact that I'm yet to give birth I look much flabbier than she is. This has definitely motivated me to hard with the abs work.

In conclusion don't particularly want to have the exact same bodies as these women or be as noticeably toned as some of them are but i do admire their bodies and their obvious dedication and commitment to looking after it!

Lots of Love



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  2. I'm inspired to up my fitness levels now. Well done Nik, keep em coming!

    Prestige x