Sunday, 26 August 2012

Confession and Motivation

Hello team fitness buddies,

I will start off with saying i have not abandoned you! I am still here, still passionate about health and weight loss but in saying that, i have a confession... I have been eating bad, i mean really bad and i have been incredibly light on the exercise front! I really would love to blame this on work being incredibly intense the last 3 weeks but i will not be a woman of excuses. If i really wanted to have exercised i would have planned accordingly.

What he said!

I dread being one of those people who lose the weight but fail to keep it off so i had a good strong talk with myself and reminded myself that i want a lifestyle change so i jumped right back on track this morning with a workout and look at what happened!

I believe they call the 'after' look wrecked.

As you can see from the picture above it was hard to get back on the saddle but the important thing is that i did and i plan to stay there so to those who i have encouraged or inspired with my initial blog, i hope you're still on track and pressing forward. Remember slow and steady wins the race i.e. your consistency with exercise and healthy eating will pay off.

To any insanity students or newbies, in the words of Shaun T 'dig deeper' and power through!

Just a few side notes

  • To those who have the myfitnesspal app, add me so we can encourage eachother on this journey. I'm under the name 'nikkya'
  • I have recently been interviewed about my insanity progress for a lifestyle and fashion website known as Champagne and Stilettos. You can check that out right here!

**Progress pics**

My lovely friend with me in the picture on the left recently shared this throwback moment with me (2009 i believe) and i really see the weight on me in comparison to the picture of me on the right taken a few weeks ago.

Day 1>Day 30> Day 60 under the insanity workout DVD

Love, Joy & Peace


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  1. nikky, i need to get in touch with u... i like ur work, need u for something really important, u'll love it